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Plant a tree and watch it grow.  Attract birds.  Reduce stress.  Invest in natural beauty. 


Tree and shrub pruning or training

Tree and shrub removal

Tree stabilization

Hazard mitigation


We like to bring out the natural beauty in a landscape.  Sometimes that means making changes or taking on challenges. Our customers appreciate our love of plants and our careful consideration of how plants will respond to pruning.  We take many factors into account when working to optimize landscapes and their plants. These include your personal preferences, site analysis, species considerations, soil quality, drainage, and maintenance requirements.

We have experience with technical tree climbing and branch rigging.  We are capable of pruning or removing trees of any size. We will not "top" certain species of trees, as it can lead to undesirable appearance, poor tree health, or can even create new hazards.

We are happy to remove dangerous or diseased trees, trees growing in undesirable locations, or trees that could be replaced with a species more suited to the site. Sometimes a permit is required for tree removal, which adds 30-45 days to such a project's implementation.  Additional costs are not generally significant.  We always comply with permit requirements. Certain types of trees are prone to disease, decay, or structural weakness. Often construction damage causes branch or tree death many years later.

Sometimes pruning can actually achieve better results than removal, even when removal is the first idea to come to mind. We always recommend pruning all branches that make contact with structures, and know how to make good pruning cuts so plants heal and grow well together. We can spend just about all day on a Japanese Maple or a Rhododendron, if required. We enjoy pruning shrubs just as much as trees.

In the Pacific Northwest, invasive plants like Ailanthus, Knotweed, and English Ivy can be very damaging.  Some may prove impossible to eradicate.  We do not apply pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, or growth inhibitors, but we can advise about understanding and confronting these difficulties.


Planting trees and shrubs

Espaliers & cordons

Making vegetable beds

Planting new orchards

High-density food forests

"Training" means bending and/or tying branches, or perhaps staking/guying a trunk.  An espalier is a "two-dimensional" fruit tree.  A cordon is similar, but is deliberately planted at an angle.  These techniques are especially applicable to fruit trees, bonsai trees, or specimen trees.

We enjoy working with customers to imagine how new plants, installations, and contours can reshape an environment.  When we remove a tree, we offer a discount to those who also elect to plant new ones.

We find planting trees very rewarding, and can advise clients about how to increase the value of their property by taking trees into account.  Tree and shrub planting is the most affordable service we provide.

Plant a tree and watch it grow.  Attract birds.  Increase privacy.  Reduce stress.  Invest in natural beauty. 


Want to plant more trees, shrubs, or vines? 

Creative design

"Hardscape" construction

Grading & drainage

Soil analysis

Improve soil fertility



We can provide ideas if you're looking for inspiration. 

We specialize in retaining walls, french drains, benches, trellises, espaliers, cordons, - Tell us how we could create a better outdoor living space for you, and we can write a contract for an official work proposal. 

When designing a landscape, it is important to consider long-term maintenance requirements and irrigation needs.

We are licensed to build hardscape structures (structures not attached to your house).  Our experience helps us discern what is feasible, practical, and sustainable. 

See our "Learning Center" for more information and creative ideas.


**CONTRACTS:   General terms of our contracts/proposals are established and managed by the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board.  Contracts may involve home liens, in which case further information will be provided.  These liens are meant to protect independent contractors from non-payment.  The rights of customers and potential customers will always be respected.  We do not share any data with third parties.  We will not sell your data to anyone.  Please refer to our brief and clear privacy policy when requesting an estimate at the following link:  "request a quote or consultation".

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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Relevant qualifications:

Over fifteen years of cumulative experience in plant care

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist 2017

BA Whitman College, Walla Walla, MA Lewis and Clark College in process- Karin

BS, BA University of Colorado, Boulder - Eric

Landscaping Contractors Board Business License 2018

Landscape Contracting Professional License 2018

International travel, cultural and linguistic immersion (Se Habla Espanol)



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