Home Orchard Society provides a great local resource for self-education

If you’re not familiar with the Home Orchard Society then you should visit www.homeorchardsociety.org to learn more. They’ve been providing resources and learning opportunities to fruit growers for years.

The organization has an arboretum in Oregon City at the Clackamas Community College main campus. One of the two main annual events hosted by the 501(c)3 are the All About Fruit Show - where you can taste hundreds of varieties of Apples, European Pears, Asian Pears, Grapes, Kiwiberries, Hazelnuts, Quince, and more. The other is the scion exchange, where one can obtain cutting to graft onto rootstock to, as they say, “grow your own!”. The tasting event is in the Fall, while the Scions are available in early Spring.

It’s a fun group of folks to share ideas with, and the last few years HOS has graced Canby, Oregon for the get-together. Another great annual event at the fairgrounds is the Garden Fair… in late Spring / early Summer.

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